Domain Name Registration Process

  • Decide the name that best describes the nature of your business or the feature of your website and is easy to remember. Make sure that it should not be long. Prefer shorter domain name.
  • Now check the availability of the domain. This can be accomplished by using our domain checker tool. Just type the name you wish into the search box and your second step is over. Be prepared to use your imagination and consider alternative domain endings like: dot eu, dot biz, dot uk, dot com as many of the popular domains will already be registered.
  • Registration is the final step. Your search results will be displayed on the page and from the available choices; you can decide which domain you would like to buy.

Domain Registration Terms:

    • Just enter the Domain Name without the extension and select extension from check box.
    • Use only letters, numbers, or hyphen (“-“) in domain name. Cannot begin or end with a hyphen.
    • A domain name can be up to 63 characters long excluding the domain extension (.com, .net, .org, .in, .cn etc).
    • Domain registration accepts a minimum of 3 characters in domain length.
    • Some domain extensions do not allow privacy protection to be enabled like .in,, etc.
    • Domain registration doesn’t include web hosting and hence needs to be purchased separately.
    • Domains registration orders properly filled in and paid online are registered instantly.
    • Any disputes shall be subject only to the jurisdiction of the courts of law of country government.

Please note following:

    • All domain names are usually registered the same business day as the receipt of payment date, if the payment is received before the working hours. Once Successfully registered nobody can register your domain name, but it still takes 24-48 hours for it to show up in the WHOIS database.
    • Internationally, Domain registration is done on a First-come-first-serve basis. The domain requested may be registered by some other person/organisation in between the period of request for domain registration and the receipt of payment.
    • Pinpoint (BD) will not be responsible in any way for the non-availability of the domain name. The money you send will be refunded in case you do not want to register another Domain with us.
    • Domain promotional sale price is valid for first year of registration only.

Domain Names Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name and why should you register one?

A domain name is a just Website Name Registration (Your/ Company/ Brand / Products / Serverics). business to register one or more domain names is to protect and secure unique product names and increase their brand awareness with the public. .com, .org and .net, which are “open” to any kind of registrant, the policy is first-come, first-served, as long as you have registered and used the domain name in good faith or have legitimate interests in the domain name.

Are there restrictions over the structure of a domain name?

Domain names may contain only of letters A to Z or (a-z ) and numbers 0-9 and Hyphen (-) between words but Special Characters and blank spaces Not Allowed Special Characters : () ‘ ” / ; No Case sensitive and it cannot be more than 63 characters

How long does it take to register a domain name?

Once you have submitted domain registration order and paid successfully, Domain will be registered immediately within minute. Few common reason for rejection or take manual registration is if you have entered more than 64 characters in address Filed or entered more than 12 digits in phone number.

Can I cancel a domain name?

Once your domain registered and paid, there’s no way to cancel the domain name registration. It’s valid For one Year or registered period.

How do I change the details or transfer a domain name?

Any Time, You canmodify your domain registration adrress details or whois details Once you have logged into cleint Area ,and then goto MY Domains , Manage , contact Information.